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Elizabeth Keith, PT, PCS

Elizabeth “Beth”, a board certified specialist in pediatric physical therapy (2000; renewed 2010) graduated cum laude from University of Florida in 1993.  She has clinical work experience in a variety of settings including Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, Miami Children’s Hospital in Coral Gables, and St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.  Throughout these experiences, she utilized her time to develop skills across a variety of settings including; inpatient critical care, inpatient pediatric rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, physician prescribed extended care center therapy intervention, Early Intervention center-based evaluation services, and program development.  Beyond patient treatment and intervention, her most notable accomplishments included Joubert Research Team at Shands Hospital, development of pediatric oncology exercise programs/equipment procurement at both Miami Children’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center, establishment team for pediatric inpatient rehabilitation program at SMMC, and co-writer grant approval for a summer camp program she designed and implemented for kids with physical disabilities. 

Beth began Young Body Rehabilitation, a pediatric physical therapy, in 2002 to provide therapy services in the home and in a startup clinic.  Her aim was to further develop skills to help treat children with neuromotor disorders.  During that time, she met and studied with Ljudmila, a Polish trained neuro-rehabilitation physician from Russia.  She was trained in the Adeli Method of rehab and began practicing with equipment from Eastern Europe in her small clinic.  She has continued to refine the development of intensive programming to meet the needs of children and families. 

She is specialized in Adeli method intervention, rhythmic movement training, splinting/casting, and seating/positioning, Early Intervention, developmental biomechanics, and advanced rehabilitative techniques.  She has more than 23 years of experience in providing therapy for all ages and populations including infants with torticollis and neurodevelopmental challenges, to adolescents with cerebral palsy, and children recovering from fractures and surgery.  

Beth’s expertise and joy revolves around problem solving and providing a complete plan of treatment to meet a client and family’s needs, with provisions for the future.  “Preserving muscle length and positioning for success is paramount to maintaining function and preventing patterns of movement that are likely to cause pain,” she states.  She is often heard encouraging her clients, to move or be moved . . . because movement is key to life. 

In recognition of National Physical Therapy Month, Beth instituted the first adaptive paddleboard event in Palm Beach County in 2013.  She continues to pursue interests in integrating children with disabilities in recreational exercise activities in South Florida.